RAYS XL sized Fully Welded Ball Valves finished for delivery


Recently, RAYS have successfully completed 14 pcs of fully-welded ball valves with specifications of DN1200 PN16 which have passed various tests. They will be delivered to an international customer and put into use within a large-scale natural gas project.




Such a large sized valve can be called a “giant valve”. Valve companies rarely produce such large sized full welded ball valves. Therefore, this was also the first time for us, here at RAYS, to manufacture such a large size. We used a serious and rigorous attitude into each process which we invested 100 percent of the effort, and the final product resulted in our favor – RAYS extra-large sized fully welded ball valves finished for delivery successfully.



Technical features of fully welded ball valves:

  1. Due to the ball valve adopting a fully-welded structure, the overall leakage point is very little which greatly reduces the risk of leakage.
  2. Compact structure & easy for installation.
  3. Special flux is used in welding with fine granularity and good slag removal which can meet the high strength & toughness of weld metal performance.
  4. With fire-safe & anti-static device which are safer and more reliable.
  5. The buried type ball valves can be directly buried into the ground, no need to build a tall valve well, only set up small shallow well on the ground, and greatly saves construction costs and engineering time.
  6. Body length and stem height can be adjusted according to pipe construction & design requirements.
  7. The machining precision of the sphere is very precise and easy to operate.
  8. With our customer’s request, the driving device includes: lever, worm gear, electric, pneumatic, pneumatic-hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, etc.




The excellent quality and high-performance stability of the fully welded ball valve is not achieved by the normal ball valve. Therefore, the service life of the fully welded ball valve far exceeds the normal ball valve, so it is used very widely in various fields such as: urban gas, urban heating, petrochemical, shipbuilding, steel, pressure control station, power plant, and other types of pipeline equipment. Fully welded ball valves can be: long-term, stable operation, easy installation, lower cost of the expenditure, etc. In the foreseeable future, the fully welding process will become a trend in valve manufacturing.




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