RAYS large-sized & high-pressure butterfly valves have delivered to PETRONAS project


Recently, RAYS have successfully completed 4 pcs 36” 600LB large sized high pressure. Butterfly valves which strictly follow ITP procedures for production and testing which have passed various tests required by the customer from PETRONAS Malaysia for DGDM Pipeline valve replacement at MLNG Bintulu.



This project is for a customer’s maintenance project which deals with replacing the original butterfly valve made in Europe where only a few valve factories can produce such big valves. Through a series of solutions such as: advanced 3D design, finite element analysis, 3D coordinate and detection in the process of processing control – RAYS brings great confidence to the customer and encourages the customer to give the project to us.



Technical features of butterfly valve

  1. Triple Eccentric Design

Ø RAYS has obtained the API 609 butterfly valve product certificate issued by API Program;

Ø We have a unique triple-eccentric design;

Ø Eliminate the wear between the sealing surfaces, maintain the integrity of the sealing surfaces and service life;

  1. Harsh Usage Conditions/Application

ØThis butterfly valve will be used in 92.4kg differential pressure and 280℃ high temperature process control unit;

ØThe material meets the requirements of NACE MR-01-03;

ØRAYS butterfly valve can achieve up to 1500LB nominal pressure and meet the full pressure differential operation;

  1. Zero Leakage At Bubble Tight Class

ØDifferent from the traditional multi-layer sealing rings, the bubble level of zero leakage is   achieved through special technological transformation;

ØThe fluid efficiency is guaranteed;

  1. Single-piece Stem

ØUse of a duplex steel stem to minimize distortion and provide stronger & more reliable torque;

  1. Fire Safe Certified

ØAccording to API 607 / API 6FA fire safe test design;

  1. Anti-blowout Stem Design

ØDesigned according to the blow-proof function requirements of API 609 4.5.2;

ØEnsures that no part of the stem is blowout from the valve due to internal pressure when the stem and butterfly valve connection fails;



Because of its’ excellent performance & stability, convenient installation process, and economical features – the triple eccentric butterfly valves are widely used in oil products, refining, natural gas, city heating, LNG, and many other fields.



RAYS will provide customers with a full range of industrial valve solutions.



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