RAYS Triple Offset Butterfly Valve (TOV) with Full Metal Seated, Bi-directional, & Zero-Leakage

RAYS recently launched a new design of triple offset full metal seated butterfly valve with the following characteristics:

  1. Butterfly Valve with triple offset design and no friction with the seat during full quarter-turn operation.
  2. With force seal instead of position seal to ensure the long-life and bi-directional sealing with zero leakage.
  3. Full metal to metal sealing construction, suitable for critical condition like powder & particle, high pressure drop, high temperature, etc.
  4. The integral body seat with hard faced Stellite #21 provides a long service time and wider application.
  5. One piece casting or forged body, face to face dimensions meet ISO 5752, meets ASME B16.10 & API 609 requirements. The shorter face to face provides an economical investment and simple installation works.
  6. Full metal construction with fire resistant sealing components provide an inherent Fire Safe function according to API 607 requirements.
  7. The Triple Offset Butterfly Valve with full bore design provides a good flow capacity for shut off application along with flow regulator function.

Triple offset full metal seated butterfly valve is mainly used in LNG, air separation, cryogenic methanol cleaning and other low-temperature fields, coal chemical industry, mineral slurry transport, catalysts and other wear-resistant working conditions.