Health, Safety and Environment Policy:

  • Scientific management, product innovation, excellent quality, satisfactory service
  • Protect the environment, reduce consumption, production safety, protect the health of workers

Joint commitment:

1. To comply with occupational health and safety laws, regulations and other requirements.
2. Full participation, prevention, starting from the little bits and pieces.
3. To improve the production environment, protect the safety and health of employees.
4. Relying on modern science and technology, effective prevention and control of occupational diseases, and various types of accidents.
5. Establish a sound occupational health and safety management system, so that the effective operation and continuous improvement.


Health, Safety and Environment objectives and targets:

  • Zero accidents, zero injuries.

1. No fire incidents or accidents occurred throughout the year
2. No electric shock throughout the year
3. No deafness in the year
4. No mechanical injury throughout the year