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Electric Power System

Reliable and low-maintenance operation is critically important in power plants, and that is where RAYS offers a clear advantage over competitors. RAYS has the scope of valve products to address the variety of applications, valve types, sizes, pressure and temperature ratings, materials, and features commonly required in today’s power plants and emerging power generation technologies.

RAYS offers a versatile range of solutions for turbine and boiler islands as well as the balance of plant (BOP):

  • Pressure-seal Gate valves, Globe valves & Check Valves
  • Bolted-bonnet Gate valves, Globe valves & Check Valves
  • Triple-offset Butterfly Valves
  • Butterfly valves & Knife Gate Valves for Utilities and FGD Units
  • Customized solutions: Reheater Isolating Device, Quick Closing Non-return Valve, Tilting Disc Check Valve, Stop Check Valves