Fully Welded Ball Valve (soft and metal seated)

Full Welding Ball Valve

Introduction of Fully Welded Ball Valve

Fully welded ball valve (soft and metal seated) base on welded valve suitable for Oil & Gas production, processing, transportation, distribution, chemical and petrochemical refining on the above ground and below ground installations. The world famous design is the Cameron T31 ball valve.

Technologies of Fully Welded Ball Valve

Trunnion ball valves have the obturator bounded by trunnions which do not allow axial displacements of the ball itself in the flow direction; line pressure compresses the seat onto the ball, the contact between surfaces generates the valve sealing; trunnion standard construction ensure automatic cavity relief in case of overpressure in a body cavity; these valves can be selected for a wide range of applications with no specific limits to sizes and pressures. Fully welded constructions, both flanged or with welded ends, are a preferable solution when no maintenance is required on above ground or below ground (buried) installations and allows a real “A” leakage feature.

Ball valves are often subjected to extreme conditions, especially when used in pipelines.

To withstand even the highest loads, RAYS ball valves are therefore welded through the entire cross-section. Thus, weakening of the construction, for example by stress corrosion cracking on the weld seams, is actively counteracted.

RAYS is one of the few manufacturers that actually weld the weld seams of its fittings over the entire cross-section using a complex process.

Various testing procedures are used to confirm the tightness of the entire ball valve. Furthermore, weld seams undergo visual, magnet particle, ultrasonic, and – if requested – radiographic testing.

And we do not rely only on ourselves. We contract external institutions to confirm the perfection of our products. The weld seams thus comply with the legal regulations for the construction of pipelines, reservoirs, tanks, and containers.

Features of RAYS Fully welded ball valve


We spend a great deal of time and investment and make considerable effort to ensure that the weld seams can withstand extreme conditions. That is the reason why our fully-welded ball valves operate reliably even under high pressure. The precision design and manufacturing of all components enables safe operation at all times


Our fully welded ball valves offer almost no surfaces liable to corrosion. Water, dust, and sand cannot penetrate the ball valve and can therefore not settle in any cracks. Corrosive influences from the outside are thus actively reduced and the service life of our ball valves is increased significantly.


Fire-Safe ball valves have been specially designed for use in critical areas.
Thanks to the special design and the particularly resistant materials, RAYS Fire-Safe ball valves are qualified to cover all sizes/classes base on API 607, API 6FA.


In addition to their robust design in respect to internal and external influences, our ball valves provide considerable savings potential for transporting, installing, and servicing ball valves. Our ball valves are thus an economical solution, especially in the long term.


All welding seams are carried out by our trained welding specialists and checked by our welding engineers. Our company is process-tested according to DIN EN ISO 3834-3729 and AD-HP 2/1 (TÜV).

Full Welding Ball Valve