Wear-Resistant Ball Valve

Relying on the high-tech senior engineering team of RAYS, the wear-resistant ball valve independently developed by RAYS has truly achieved zero leakage and its’ service life has reached the world’s advanced level.

Advanced ball and seat hardening technology

In order to ensure that the valve can adapt to: high, low temperature, and particle conditions; the ball and seat sealing surface of RAYS wear-resistant ball valve adopts advanced sealing surface hardening technology. This includes: supersonic spraying, metallurgical melting spraying, surface envoy hardening, cemented carbide spraying, etc. The surface hardness of supersonic spraying is up to HRC70 in which the coating thickness can reach 0.3mm, and the bonding strength is above 10000PSI. The surface hardness of metallurgical melt spraying is about HRC64 in which the coating thickness can reach 1mm, and the bonding strength is up to 15000PSI. The sealing surface material can withstand high temperature up to 650°C and has strong friction & erosion resistance in which it can meet the requirements of various harsh working conditions.

Reliable packing sealing structure

The valve stem adopts a V-shaped packing sealing structure. The V-shaped packing can effectively convert the pressing force and medium force of the packing gland into the sealing force of the valve stem. The traditional packing gland is changed to the two-piece structure design of the packing pressure plate and the packing socket. The packing pressure plate & the packing socket adopt spherical contact to ensure that the packing socket is always vertical, and a guide bush is set inside the packing socket to avoid the packing socket galling & wear in which reduces valve operating torque. According to the needs of the working conditions, a butterfly spring-loaded packing pressing mechanism can be used to make the sealing of the valve stem packing more reliable so the valve can still ensure the sealing performance of the valve stem packing after long-term use.

Excellent sealing performance

RAYS adopts special ball and valve seat processing equipment combined with the unique ball grinding process through the multi-directional 360-degree rotation of the ball and the grinding tool. Therefore, the ball reaches the specified roundness, smoothness, and 100% matched between the ball & valve seat sealing surface to achieve zero leakage of the sealing.