RAYS Pneumatic Control Butterfly Valve

Pneumatic Control Butterfly Valve

Recently, THE RAYS has provided a batch of high-performance Pneumatic Control Butterfly Valves to our end user, a famous oil & gas production company, providing it with excellent and reliable industrial valve solutions at ultra-low temperatures of -52°C. Harsh environment to ensure stable operation of the production facility in the production, storage and condensation of liquefied natural gas. The following are its main technical parameters and features:


Technical Parameters

Product Type: Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

Size Range: DN50mm to DN600mm

Pressure Level: CL150~CL1500  PN6~PN250

Operating Temperature: From -60°C to -46°C

Material: Duplex Stainless Steel A995 5A, 4A

Corrosion Resistance Index: Pren ≥ 40

Applicable Media: Harsh conditions such as natural gas, seawater desalination, and petrochemical industries

Operation Mode: Pneumatic


Product Features

1. Excellent Corrosion Resistance: High-strength super duplex stainless-steel material has excellent corrosion resistance and is suitable for harsh media environments such as natural gas, seawater desalination, and petrochemical industries.

2.Cryogenic Resistance: It can maintain good mechanical properties and sealing performance in cryogenic environments and can be used in harsh low-temperature conditions.

3.Intelligent Control: In-depth understanding of pneumatic control operation, and providing matching actuators, pneumatic components, and instruments. Status diagnosis and risk prediction in complex systems can be achieved through cutting-edge high-tech intelligent valves.

4.Data Management and Analysis: The actuator can view, analyze, and reconfigure configuration data, diagnostic information, and data logger information through a PDA or PC, providing users with a complete drive solution.

5.Efficient Communication Protocol: THE RAYS pneumatic actuator devices adopt field bus control and communication protocols to simply and safely transmit information between on-site control equipment and efficient control systems.

6.Emergency Response: In an emergency, the valve can be opened or closed accurately and reliably. It can also be started automatically or by local or remote hard-wired signals. It has PST and EFS safety functions.

All in all, our pneumatic butterfly valves equipped with high-end actuators can adapt to harsh working conditions and ensure efficient, stable, and long-term operation performance of the production line.