Smart on/off Control Valve: Designed Specifically for Hydrogen Mixtures

Recently, RAYS has delivered a batch of on/off control valves for hydrogen mixture devices to overseas customers. This batch includes high-pressure ball valves and high-temperature globe valves.

The reliable operation of the on/off control valves is critical to the safety and stability of the entire system. Given the flammability and explosive nature of hydrogen mixture devices and their complex operating conditions, RAYS utilizes electric or pneumatic actuation mechanisms to achieve programmed, automatic, and remote control of the valves. Based on control signals from the automation system, the valves automatically adjust their opening, thereby regulating the medium’s flow, pressure, temperature, and liquid level. Additionally, each design, manufacturing, and inspection stage is meticulously controlled. Total digital production and quality management are implemented to ensure the reliability and consistency of the high-pressure ball valves and high-temperature globe valves. With the collaborative efforts of various departments within the company, the valves have passed all functional tests and were successfully delivered to the client.

The successful batch delivery of this hydrogen device on/off control valves signifies another breakthrough by RAYS in demanding operational conditions. In the future, RAYS will continue to deepen its involvement in the petrochemical industry, rapidly respond to customer needs, and provide products with the fastest delivery, the most stable industry performance, and the most reliable quality!

Product Electrical Ball Valve
Material A350, LF2
Nominal Size DN 250~300
Pressure Rate PN 320
Temperature Range 46~85°C
Operator Electric
Application Range Nitrogen-hydrogen mixture
Product High Temperature Globe Valve
Material A182, A217, A351, CF8+STL, WC6+STL
Nominal Size DN 50~250
Pressure Rate PN 40~100
Temperature Range 300~320°C
Operator Pneumatic
Application Range Steam/ gas mix
Product Pneumatic Ball Valve
Material A182, F304
Nominal Size DN 50
Pressure Rate PN 40
Temperature Range 103~109°C
Operator Pneumatic
Application Range Dissolved gases