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Rising Stem Ball Valve(Soft and metal seated)

Rising Stem Ball Valve(Soft and metal seated)

General Introduction

RAYS Rising Stem Ball Valve abbreviated as RAYS RSBV with its unique design especially such as the opening process no friction character and turn-off zero leakage. Performance is particularly suitable for special requirements for various extremely harsh working conditions, all-metal structure design, fire proof design, can adapt to low temperatures ranges between -204°C or (-400°F), and high temperature could be up to 815°C or (1500°F) operating temperature, also can adapt to the impurity medium(including sand, short fibers) condition requirements. Particularly worth pointing out is that we are fully according to the American association of corrosion factory NACE standard requirements in design, material selection meets the requirements in sulfide environment of sulfide stress cracking resistance.

When tilting away from the seat, the medium fluid along the sealing surface 360 ° and some foreign sundry is rinsed clean, with self-cleaning function, the RSBV on the long-distance can be used pipeline pigging. RSBV is venting gas emission, transmission, fluid pipeline, shut off, the bypass, product partition, pipeline emergency shut off, high switching frequency, the ideal valve of zero leakage requirements in higher and harsher conditions.



RSBVs are ideal applications to zero leakage and frequent operation are demanded. They are used universally in gas processing plants using molecular sieve systems in switching service.


Stem Sealing:

No Rubbing Between Sealing Surfaces

RAYS RSBV with its unique structure of the stem and valve seat in the valve open-close process without friction, which could extend valve life sealing is more reliable.

  • Injectable Packing

Stem packing material is injected through the packing fitting in-service maintenance, giving complete control of fugitive emissions.

  • Single-seat Design

The single, stationary seat in the RAYS RSBV valve seals in both directions and avoids the problems of trapped pressure between seals.

  • Long Life

RAYS RSBV could replace many troublesome valves such as ball valves, gate valves, globe valves and plug valves. The RAYS RSBV design has performance advantages that reduce plant outage and reduce the cost dramatically of ownership.

  • Optimum Flow

Full port or reduced port openings give high CV figures. System pumping efficiency is enhanced and erosion problems are reduced.

  • Ball &Seat Self-cleaning Function

Design of opening of the media along the 360 direction of the ball and the valve seat surface has a self-cleaning function.

  • Low-torque Operation

RSBV valves turn easily because seal rubbing is eliminated.

  • Various Seat Structure

Either soft seated or metal seated with various material options, can be applied to low temperature, normal temperature, high temperature and also many other working condition.

  • Top-entry Design

Could be easily operated directly in-line inspection and repair, after system depressurizing, simplifies maintenance.

  • Dual Stem Guides

Hardened stem slots and tough guide pins control the stem action of lift-and-turn.


  • Petroleum – Craft cutting and control of offshore platforms, oil slurry system, all cut and control such as water torch, shut off valve and adjusting valve of storage tank, and cut and control of oil pipeline end.
  • Natural gas – Craft cutting and control of offshore platforms, all cut and control applications in processing and purification plant, shut off valve and control valve of natural gas storage tank, and cut off applications in the end of transmission pipelines.
  • Chemical plant – Application process. Apply to the applications of all cutting off and control, and the cut and control applications of steam system.
  • Pulp and paper reduction process application, ethanol reduction process application, and steam application.
  • Power station – Application of low pressure steam. Cut and control, regional heating boiler and distribution pipes, and trap valve.
  • Steel mill – Furnace gas cut-off valve.

Product range

ANSI Pressure Class Size Range
150 1” – 24”
300 1” – 24”
600 1” – 24”
900 1” – 20”
1500 1” – 16”
2500 1” – 8”


Additional information


1” through 24”

Pressure Ratings

ANSI Classes 150 through 2500, DIN PN 10 through PN 320

End Connections

Flanged RF/RJ, Butt weld, Socket weld, Hub end, Screwed

Face to Face

To B16.10, Manufacturer Std. or at special request

Trim Area

Full bore or Reduced bore to API 6D dimensions or at special request

Packing Options

Graphite or PTFE or combination composition at request

Flow Direction

Preferred flow toward seat or Bi Directional at request

Leakage Rates

To API 598 or BS 6755 or ANSI FCI-70-2 Class V or VI

Flow Coefficients

Cv Value as per the enclosed tables pages 6 through 11

Temperature Range

From minus 196 ˚C to 600 ˚C

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