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Stainless Steel Cryogenic Ball Valves Manufacturer

Stainless Steel Cryogenic Ball Valves Manufacturer

RAYS cryogenic ball valve with extended bonnet ball valve will bring you a huge gain in the field of cryogenic LNG service.

Service temperature from -51° to -196°C (-59,8° to -320,8°F) with extended bonnet design.

RAYS FLOW CONTROL is the manufacturer of cryogenic ball valves with an extended bonnet design.

The cryogenic ball valve specific in LNG valve, liquid nitrogen ball valve application.

Our production program offers special valve solutions engineered to suit cryogenic processes with specific constructions and duly selected materials.

Base on the cryogenic ball valve service, RAYS design and test refer BS 6364 standard.

Top Entry Cryogenic Ball Valve
Top Entry Cryogenic Ball Valve



  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG)
  • Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
  • Liquefied oxygen
  • Liquefied hydrogen.
  • Air separation industry

Design Features & Benefits

  • Extended bonnet design to ensure reliability of the stem packing & sealing.
  • Drainage board design to prevent condensation water.
  • Anti-Statistic & Fire-safe Design.
  • Cavity automatic self pressure relief, suitable and safe for explosive medium.
  • Live-load API 622 certified graphite and lip-seal sealing to ensure API 624 fugitive emission compliance.
  • Suitable for working temperature as low as -196℃ .
  • Multiple Seat Design option, suitable for various working medium and condition.
  • Top Entry or Side Entry optional design.


Side Entry Cryogenic Ball Valve
Side Entry Cryogenic Ball Valve


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