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11Double Block and Bleed Ball Valves (Soft and Metal Seated) (Copy)

11Double Block and Bleed Ball Valves (Soft and Metal Seated) (Copy)

Double Block and Bleed Ball Valves (soft and metal seated) can provide the exact Double Block & Bleed valves and actuators to meet the most demanding application requirements. RAYS DBB Double Block & Bleed valves are available in an extensive range of designs, materials, sizes and pressure classes and are in full conformance with ASME, API 6Dand NACE specifications. All Double Block & Bleed valves are designed in accordance with ASME B16.34 and where applicable with API 6D or BS EN ISO 17292. We also provide Double Isolation and Bleed Ball Valve for your optional

The “Double Block and Bleed Isolation Philosophy” requires two in-line isolation valves and a bleed valve, used to drain or vent trapped fluid between the two closure elements in order to safely isolate safely the downstream pipe. This feature can be achieved with one single valves c/w a bleed port between the obturators.


•Offshore oil & gas production
•Gas & oil terminals
•Chemical & Petrochemical
•Fiscal Metering Skid Manufacturing
•LNG gas carrier
•Process/ Power industr y contractors


•Space and weight saving
•Cost saving (product & installation)
•Minimized leak paths
•Increased line structural integrity
•ESDV+MOV or ESDV+XV configurations
•Increasesd reliability of the system


•Anti blow out/low emission stems
•Fire safe & anti-static design
•Independent ball and stem
•Self aligning trims
•Self relieving/ Double piston effect
floating seats
•Soft or metal seated

Rays double block and bleed ball valves1

Rays double block and bleed ball valves2

Design is available in side entry, (bolted, welded body) and for onshore, offshore (top side) or sub-sea configurations.
Bleed/Vent system can be provided with Globe, Gate or Ball valves as per customers requirement.


•All dimensions except where other wise specified are in mm.
•Weight figures are relevant to flanged end valves.
•Note: For dimensions and weights in larger sizes consult the factory.
•Dimensions C, D, E, and weights are subject to changewithout notice.
•Face-to-face dimensions not listed in industry standards are subject to change without notice.

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