Petroleum Industry

The Oil & Gas industry presents unique challenges, and RAYS offers a portfolio of high-performance solutions that successfully address the challenges.

Changes in the oil and gas sector such as the commercialization of smaller, more remote resources have led to an increase in the requirement for more demanding applications. RAYS works closely with process licensors and EPCs to produce products that protect the critical plant components.

Our products support the increasing need to access remote fields, the growth of Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) and Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG). RAYS valves enable extreme processes to operate safely with the utmost reliability in harsh environments – not only through the process onboard but also the powering and safety of the vessels.

Our extensive range of gate valves, globe valves, check valves, ball valves, and triple offset butterfly valves are installed in a broad range of the oil and gas industry’s toughest applications, such as global drilling, production, pipeline, storage, transmission, and critical-service applications.