RAYS Metal to Metal Rising Stem Ball Valves Finished for Delivery


A set of RAYS 18” 300LB carbon steel metal to metal Rising Stem Ball Valves have recently been completed from production. They have successfully passed testing/inspection and well painted for delivery to an international customer for isolation of vapor column in a batch type vacuum distillation unit.



Design Features:

  1. Design standard: ASME B16.34
  2. Pressure standard: API 598
  3. Metal seated / Zero leakage
  4. No friction when the valve is opened and closed
  5. Top entry design
  6. Low torque operation
  7. Long service life



For isolation of the vapor column in batch type vacuum distillation unit. Service fluid will be vapor of Aluminum Alkyls (Tri Ethyl Aluminum) having Aluminum particles. Aluminum particles are abrasive in nature.


Project Information & Location

Chemical Plant / ASIA