RAYS Earn a Place on Kuwait Oil Company’s Approved Vendor List

RAYS Flow Control, a leading provider of flow control solutions, has been added to the approved vendor list of the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), becoming one of few approved suppliers from China. This approval, effective from June 2023, recognizes the superior quality and performance of RAYS’ valve solutions in the flow control industry.

As one of the largest oil companies in the world, Kuwait Petroleum Company (KOC) selects its suppliers with strict requirements. The selection of RAYS this time is not only reflected in the stable guarantee of price, quality, delivery time, service level and other aspects, but also the affirmation of corporate reputation, performance, financial and other operational capabilities, further demonstrating that RAYS has a reliable future development strategy, and its planning in environmental protection and corporate social responsibility has met international standards.

With our commitment to product development, quality management, qualification requirements and delivery cycle, RAYS continues to deliver high precision and high performance valve products to the market. As a valve solutions provider with a strong track record in the industry, RAYS has successfully met Kuwait Petroleum Company’s stringent supplier requirements to achieve this significant milestone.

“We are proud to have our valve solutions recognized by an industry giant like KOC,” said a spokesperson for RAYS Flow Control. “This approval marks a significant milestone for our company, and we are committed to supporting KOC’s operations with our top-tier valve solutions.”

This new partnership expands RAYS Flow Control’s reach further into the Middle East and adds a significant client to its growing portfolio of international customers. With its valve solutions now recognized by KOC, RAYS Flow Control reaffirms its position as a trusted player in the flow control industry.