RAYS Wenzhou 2023 Annual Dinner

RAYS Wenzhou 2023 Annual Dinner


RAYS Flow Control, a leader in industrial valves, celebrated its Annual Dinner on January 26, 2024, at the Grand Ballroom near the RAYS HQ, commemorating a year marked by surpassing revenue goals and launching innovative products.

The event, attended by employees, executives, and clients, featured an awards ceremony, a gourmet dinner, and live entertainment, beginning at 5 PM and wrapping up by 9 PM.

RAYS GM Alex Lin opened the evening with a speech that highlighted the significant success of the company in 2023 and shared their vision for what’s ahead in 2024.

Throughout the night, people who had done exceptional work were given awards, and the crowd cheered for them. There was also a raffle where some attendees won great prizes.

The Annual Dinner was full of entertainment, including a live band, dance, magic show, and poetry reading, all showcasing the collective talent and spirit of THE RAYS. Here’s to the memories created and the future we’re stepping into with confidence. THE RAYS is more than a team; we’re a family moving to the beat of success!