RAYS Successfully Deliver Large Size Fully Welded Ball Valves

RAYS Successfully Deliver Large Size Fully Welded Ball Valves


RAYS Flow Control has successfully delivered a remarkable order of 49 pieces DN 1000 PN100 Large Fully Welded Ball Valves. This delivery is a testament to RAYS’ engineering expertise and unwavering commitment to quality when it comes to producing large-scale industrial valves. Each fully welded ball valve weighing over 20 tons showcases RAYS’ engineering skills and dedication to making high-quality industrial valves on a large scale.

RAYS expedited the fulfillment of this substantial valve order, demonstrating effective production management and operational agility. The process began in September 2023 with the procurement of materials and concluded with the prompt delivery of the order within three months. This efficiency reflects RAYS’s proficiency in project execution and adherence to stringent timelines.

RAYS has used large automatic submerged arc welding machines to enhance production capabilities, contributing to faster and higher-quality welding outputs, especially for large valves. This strategy has helped RAYS maintain its commitment to timely and efficient delivery schedules.

While RAYS focuses on speed, the company ensures that production quality meets the highest standards. All fully welded ball valves in this order passed the one-time pressure test, confirming their stability under high-pressure conditions.

RAYS is committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, which drives its expansion in the global market. The company strives to meet the increasing demand for high-quality industrial valve solutions.