RAYS Delivered 16″1500LB Rising Stem Ball Valves for Hydrogen

RAYS Delivered 16″1500LB Rising Stem Ball Valves for Hydrogen

Recently, RAYS successfully delivered a batch of high-quality rising stem ball valves, totalling 60 units, designed explicitly for hydrogen. This accomplishment showcases RAYS’ outstanding production capabilities and R&D prowess. These rising stem ball valves have nominal diameters ranging from NPS 1” to 16”, with pressure classes from CL 300 to 1500. They feature a top-entry design that ensures durability and excellent sealing performance.

The order includes two 16” 1500lb rising stem ball valves, notable for their large size and high pressure. These valves are suitable for high-pressure and high-flow conditions, reflecting RAYS’ expertise in manufacturing large-size, high-pressure valves.

Hydrogen energy is a clean energy source that is environmentally friendly and economically viable. However, it also imposes high demands on the safety and reliability of valve products. RAYS manufactures valve products strictly according to the international API 6D standard. The materials and structure of this batch of rising stem ball valves have been carefully selected and tested, utilizing A105 and A216 WCB carbon steel with unique chemical compositions to ensure stable performance and long-term durability under hydrogen conditions.

As the global demand for clean energy, particularly hydrogen energy, continues to grow, RAYS is committed to advancing technological innovation and providing high-standard valve products to contribute to a green and sustainable future.

Product: Rising Stem Ball Valve

Material: A105, A216 WCB Carbon Steel

Nominal Size: NPS 1″~16″

Pressure Rate: CL300~1500

Temperature Range: -29°C~+350°C

Operator: Handwheel, Gear

Application Range: Suitable for hydrogen