RAYS Top Entry Ball Valves

RAYS announced today the release of the top entry ball valve.

TOP ENTRY BALL VALVE is mainly used in oil and gas pipelines, oil recovery, refining, petrochemical, chemical, chemical fiber, metallurgy, electricity, nuclear power, food and paper making equipment industry. Its most difference from common ball valve is that its maintenance can be made on pipe line and without dismounting from the pipe line.

“As the industry deals with more demanding in safe and time-saving conditions, Top entry ball valves which could be customized in stem extension design can be good adapt to these challenging environments,” said Daniel Li, Chief Engineer from Rays Flow Control. “When the valve is in the pipeline needs to be repaired, there is no need to remove the valve from the line, just pull down the flange bolts and nuts, and remove the bonnet and seat assembly together from the valve body, repair the ball and seat online. This repair saves time and reduces the loss of production to the lowest point.”

The common driving types are manual, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic. And the top pad of valve designed according to ISO 5211, which is convenient for connection and exchange of various drivers.

The top entry ball valve has undergone an extensive qualification test program that qualifies the full product range to API 6D/ISO 14313,ASME B16.34 for performance and API 607/ISO 10497 for fire testing.

Forged Top Entry Ball Valve

Forged Top Entry Ball ValveFor more information about the top entry ball valve, please visit https://www.raysvalve.com/product/top-entry-ball-valve