RAYS Supercritical Power Plant Valves – PHASE Ⅱ

Supercritical Power Plant Valves 1

The power plant valves supplied by RAYS to a supercritical power plant phase Ⅱ in Thailand have been successfully delivered.

Prior to this project, the Thailand power plant owners all used European imported power plant valves for the key position of supercritical high temperature and high pressure. However, after many technical exchanges/product design ideas and quality tracking control norms, and the high quality valves supply in the last two years at the phase Ⅰ, a power plant owner has full confidence and trust in our power plant valves for harsh conditions with the design/manufacture/quality control.


Background/Condition of the Power Plant Valve Project

The power station project is located in a power station unit on a famous tourist holiday island in Thailand. The project code is “SKIC TG18”, and the EPC contractor is “SCG”. The medium is high-temperature & high-pressure steam, and the highest pressure reaches 100 Bar (10 MPa) when the temperature of steam reaches 510℃.

Order Specifications of the Power Plant Valve

Power plant pressure seal electric gate valve, size & pressure are 12″ & 1500LB, main material is F91, adopt ROTORK actuator imported from Europe

Power Plant Valve Design Characteristics

One-piece forged F91 body and the design life of 25 years. Strict quality control, screening out high-quality forging suppliers, raw materials and machining process inspection stage through PMI element composition analysis, RT, PT, and other non-destructive testing procedures to strictly control the quality of pressure contain parts. In addition, during the machining process, the quality and technics can be traced for all sizes.

Supercritical Power Plant Valves 2

Testing Requirements

During the final finished product testing, SGS as the third party inspection was invited to witness the dimension and pressure testing. The qualified rate of finished products was 100%, and the products were shipped & delivered to the owners successfully.


Introduction to Power Plant Valve

Power plant valve is also called the special valve for the power plant. It is mainly used for cutting off or connecting the pipeline medium in various systems of the thermal power station. Applicable medium: water, steam, and other non-corrosive media. Compared with other valves, the power plant valve is characterized by high temperature & high pressure, unique pressure seal design, and the higher the pressure, the more reliable the sealing. Due to the special performance with technical characteristics and working conditions, the power plant valves have special characteristics which other products can’t replace.

Structural Advantages of Power Plant Valve

1. Pressure seal is adopted and both ends of branch pipe for valve body have welded connection.

2. The valve seat & disc sealing surface are made of cobalt-based hard alloy plasma spray welding and with good wear resistance & abrasion resistance.

3. The valve stem is made of special material which is treated by a special process and has good corrosion resistance along with scratch resistance.

Supercritical Power Plant Valves 3